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     Tenet of service:”customer’s needs,6ls’s misson”

Business philosophy:”perfect service, deploitation and deploitation”

Enterprise approach:” People-oriented,the high quality,safe and fast,green brand”

Enterprise goals:” Beyond their own,to create our national brand”

Enterprise spirit:” Keep up with the times, face trhe challenge of future”

Staff slogan: “6LS express ,time limitation in the first”

Company slogan:”Service all over the world,integrity all over the world”

Enterprise theme :“ fast, harmony - is the eternal theme of 6LS”

Six strategies:“security, time limitations, brand, services, reducing the cost customers, ,innovation and harmony”

One goal: “go beyond the self-innovative national brand - to create a domestic and international brand network”

Brand Interpretation:  The idea of 6ls comes from Arabic numerals 6.6 is the homonym

For the green ,L and S are the first phonetic alphabet of green in chinese. the "LS" two-letter combinations are the symble of “G”.”G”mean “green” in English.

The earth graphics in “6”means that our enterprise comes from comes from the East China.Green is the basic color of our logo.Indicating 6ls’s vigorous vitality

And flowing compassion.And at the same time, green represents the "peace, security, rapid and satisfactory", which implies that the company will provide fast, efficient and secure courier service